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What are we going to create?

Part 1 of the series "Recreating Fastcube in various engines"

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Michal Vyšinský
·Apr 19, 2022·

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What are we going to create?

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Table of contents

  • What is FastCube?
  • Engine features
  • Gameplay
  • Steps for implementation
  • What is next?

What is FastCube?

FastCube is an Android game I published on Google Play. It was made in Unity and is mostly a project that I used for learning Unity 3D.

The game is a simple infinite runner where you play as a cube. Once you step on the platform, it will start disappearing so you have to move fast.

Video will give you a better idea of what is the FastCube about:

Engine features

We won't have to create the game for mobile in the other engines. This section will summarize the engine features we need and I would like to keep them as similar to the original as possible.

Custom splash screen

At least display studio logo

Menu UI

We can exclude leaderboards - it is integrating Google Play Games Services and we do not need that on PC. Other than that we need Play and Exit buttons.

Gameplay UI

Few screens for start

FastCube Screens

The User Interface is really basic. The help button appears after a few seconds of inactivity (the player might not know, how to play). Tapping the button will open the "How to play" modal. When a player moves, the help button disappears.

The score counter on top just increases each step.

The pause menu offers buttons to continue, restart and exit.

Game over screen displays the final score and gives the player option to restart or exit.

Basic sound effects

At least one sound will play upon stepping on the platform


From a gameplay point of view we need:

  • an isometric camera that follows the player
  • random level generation (upon start and in runtime as well)
  • player input (keyboard)
  • basic physics (customized)
  • the ability to pause a game (stop physics, stop the decrease of platforms lifetime, etc.)

Steps for implementation

We will implement features step by step in the following order:

  1. player and its movement (without falling)
  2. generating level (without decreasing lifetime of platforms)
  3. making the platform decreases the lifetime and disappear
  4. put it together so the player activates the platform lifetime decrease upon stepping on it
  5. add gameplay UI
  6. add the main menu
  7. add a splash screen
  8. sound effects
  9. polish
  10. build for windows

What is next?

In the next article, I will describe the implementation in Unity in more detail so we have a clear view of the implementation.

After the next article, we will jump into the Unreal Engine 5 to recreate the FastCube there. Let me know, what other engines would you like to see.

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