My professional obsessions

As a developer with many years of experience, I've developed a lot of obsessions and habits. This article will be about them so it will be quite personal. If you want to get to know me more, please, continue reading.

Zero inbox/notifications

First of all, I hate when I have an unread notification, email or message.

This makes me insane: notifications.png

I always aim to have a zero inbox. In case I cannot read email immediately I snooze it. I just never leave it untouched. It sometimes makes my wife mad, because I switch to emails while we are watching a movie (I am trying to not do it anymore and I handle the email on phone 🙃). Same for mobile, I hate when I have some unread notification.

Pinned notifications drive me crazy too: Screenshot_20190705-221345.png

Browser tabs

I always try to keep a number of opened tabs at an absolute minimum. Usually, I don't have more than five tabs opened. Even if it means opening the same tab - for example, JIRA dashboard - for lots of times per day, I am ok with it. I will rather open a tab again than having so many tabs opened that I don't know, which tab is what.

No, thanks! tabs.png

Inspecting bugs in websites and criticising UI/UX

I think this will be the most relatable habit. When I use some online application and something does not work as expected I usually open developer tools and try to find, what is wrong and if I can somehow work around the issue. I have never sent a report to the owner/maintainer yet. Maybe I should start with it. It could make the life of other developers easier 🤔.

When I am forced to use some badly designed app I usually criticize a design of it: "How could someone think this could work?". It is like a professional deformation. Car engineer will always hear that something is wrong with their car.

That was some share of my person. Do you recognize yourself? Would you like to get to know me more or should I focus on technical articles? Let me know in the comments and have a great day.